SBGneuro provides expertise in the acquisition, quality control, analysis and interpretation of MR-based neuorimaging data as an outcome measure in clinical trials.

We are committed to developing and applying the very best methodology, to enable functional and structural MRI to fulfil its rich potential as a powerful, non-invasive biomarker for a wide range of diseases and disease treatments. By measuring and comparing many aspects of brain function, we believe that we can obtain objective, sensitive information that can be a valuable complement to existing methods for investigating neuropsychiatric disease and potential treatments. By bringing together leading researchers in this field, we apply the very best science to this important clinical tool. 

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Our Team

Our scientific team consists of leading academics, with a combined 25+ years of experience with resting-state fMRI. In addition, each of us has had extensive consulting roles with pharmaceutical companies and CROs. 
We offer a rare combination of expertise in basic image acquisition methodology, imaging data analysis and clinical neuroscience. This breadth of experience allows us to provide the full spectrum of service including pre-trial consulting, study design and acquisition optimization, definition of a priori outcome measures, data quality control, integrated functional and structural data analysis, post-trial interpretation and dissemination of results.

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Our Services

Our services are tailored to a client's specific needs and developed in collaboration with the clinical trial team and the affiliated CRO.
SBGneuro provides these expert services with a maximum of security and a minimum of overhead. Our analysis pipeline begins with the receipt of de-identified data from the CRO. We offer industry-standard mechanisms for secure and encrypted data upload onto dedicated servers, followed by local QC, optimised data pre-processing, and structural and functional analysis. Results are then returned to the CRO or directly to the clinical trial team. This stream-lined model allows us to deliver secure, robust results in a timely, flexible, and cost-efficient manner.
Post-trial services include guidance on data interpretation and, when indicated, assistance with publication of results.
We have developed a large repertoire of (f)MRI outcome measures, because each is a valid and distinct measure of activity and connectivity as a biomarker, and the optimally sensitive and interpretable measure will depend on the specific imaging study (pathology and/or treatment). 

Resting-State fMRI
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Resting-state functional MRI (fMRI) has become a powerful technique for probing functional connectivity in the brain. The patient lies resting in the scanner for a few minutes, and a new 3D image of their brain activity is taken every couple of seconds. Through careful analysis of this data, we can map the brain's functional networks as the different brain regions spontaneously communicate with each other.
There are many aspects of these "resting-state networks" (RSNs) that can be affected by disease, and also by the treatment of disease. The spatial extent of functional brain regions, the strength with which their spontaneous activity fluctuates, and the nature of their communications with each other - all of these measures relating to RSNs can be powerful biomarkers.

Through the application of leading-edge analysis approaches, we can optimise the sensitivity and interpretability of biomarkers derived from resting-state fMRI, providing powerful outcome measures in clinical trials

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